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 WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014

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WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Empty
PostWWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014

Brief History of WWVWBD in words of Father of WWVWBD, Alexander Gromow

"The World-wide day of the VW Beetle was resulted of an arduous work that took some years and that involved clubs of many parts of the world. Alexander Gromow had the idea and worked aiming the goal to launch it internationally. By mean of letters, the Internet was not accessible for the public in that time, as through the informative bulletin of the Fusca Clube do Brasil (Called "A BANANINHA" - the nickname of the directional semaphores of the older VW Types) he divulged the idea and harmonized the choice of the date. The date 22 of June finally prevailed; due to the fact that back in this date in 1934 a contract that gave beginning to the development of the VW Beetle by Ferdinand Porsche was signed. Details can be seen in the Declaration of Bad Camberg, which was authenticated with the signatures of the Dr. Bernd Wiersch, custodian of the Auto Museum Volkswagen, Mr. Heinz Willy Lottermann, great old collector of VW cars and promoter of the events of Bad Camberg (deceased in 2000) and by Alexander Gromow himself as creator of the idea of this commemorative day.

The Declaration of Bad Camberg was distributed on June, the 24th,1995, in three languages to the attendants of this important event that had come of the five continents. Today this declaration is shown in many Sites of the Internet, having been translated to many languages, including Japanese.

After some years the commemoration started to be made as a special homage: "Drive your VW Beetle to Work Day" (event that, for example, that in the United States has the endorsement of the magazine Volkswagen Trends). It is a democratic way to commemorate the World-wide Day of the VW Beetle, driving VW Beetles to Work, placing all VW Beetles on the street. This occurs in an independent way of events that are carried out through by many clubs around the world in the weekends next to this day.

As some will go to take their VW Beetles out the garage and others already use the VW Beetle daily it is necessary to divulge to the others that in 22 of June, those cars are part of an international event of homage to the VW Beetle.

For this purpose a sign in A4 format in the position landscape was prepared so that it may be divulged between the Beetlemaniacs to be placed in the back lateral windows commemorating this great day! It is enough to download the Picture and to print two copies. With a little of adhesive tape the VW Beetle will be duly will be identified as being part of this global group of sympathizers of this beloved car.

We encourage you to participate too and to help to divulge this material - it is for a good cause - the VW Beetle deserves it!

The union makes the force..."

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Wwvwbd10

In 2012, Pakistan Aircooled VW Registry [PACVWR], for the first ever time in the country's VW hobby history, officially celebrated World Wide Aircooled VW Beetle Day - WWVWBD, joining the rest of the world through putting up "Drive Your Aircooled VW Beetle to Work Day" Event on June 22, 2012 on Facebook.

PACVWR's Drive Your Aircooled VW Beetle to Work Day 2012 Facebook Event was first of its kind social event over the social media ever too, anywhere in the world, and therefore was exclusively covered by the Father of World Wide Aircooled VW Beetle Day, Alexander Gromow in his International WWVWBD Celebrations Coverage Article; "World Day of the Volkswagen Beetle 2012 - In Brazil, A Landmark of Change?"

Alexander Gromow's WWVWBD Article didn't just only feature the PACVWR WWVWBD Flyer as seen below but also featured one of our member's VW Beetle, also seen below;

PACVWR WWVWBD Flyer Featured in the Alexander Gromow Article;

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Featur10

PACVWR member's 1965 VW Beetle Featured in the Alexader Gromow International Article;

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Patina11

This year, on June 22 - 2014, PACVWR plans a reprise of the same event and targets to get even more Pakistani Aircooled VW enthusiasts' Beetles featured in international coverage.

Qualification Criteria: In order to qualify for being featured;

- A VW Beetle must be driven to work on June 22, 2014,
- A WWVWBD event sticker must be pasted at any of the two rear quarter windows at a prominent position,
- A picture covering the above two must be submitted to PACVWR's Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Facebook Event / Page.

In order to facilitate the Aircooled VW enthusiasts of Pakistan towards possibility of being featured in an international media article, PACVWR will be giving away, FREE PACVWR WWVWBD Flyer based Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day stickers as seen below to the VW enthusiasts who would be willing to participate in the event by fulfilling the above mentioned criteria.

Proposed Pasting Location and Specimen of PACVWR WWVWBD Flyer based Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day sticker;

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Greyma10

If you wish to join in and desire to be featured in the International Media Article Coverage of your VW Beetle, join the PACVWR WWVWBD Facebook Event by clicking the link below;


Once you've joined the PACVWR Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day Facebook Event, we'll send your stickers to you latest by June 15th, 2013 which you then can paste on your VW Beetles. Drive them to work on June 22, 2014, click a pic and post it to the Facebook event page and you're done.

Happy VDubbing!

Admin - PACVWR Forums

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 Pacvwr14

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WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 :: Comments

PACVWR is celebrating this year's World Wide VW Beetle Day (aka Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day) in style! Here is how, with the WWVWBD Magnetic Dash Plaques!!!  

More details on how to order / pricing of these WWVWBD plaques here;

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 1964805_837497092942903_2008123656_n
WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014 1911854_837497029609576_2142728012_n

WWVWBD - Drive Your VW Beetle to Work Day 2014

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