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 How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why?

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How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? Empty
PostSubject: How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why?   How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? EmptyMon Feb 25, 2013 1:33 am

How many times while browsing forums, searching for an answer to a particular query in mind, you've wished that there was a tool which could have enabled you to search your answers only in threads where the answer would exactly be located? Let us answer that for you; countless times!

Knowing how our Users would want it, we have come up with another distinguishing Forum Utility to enhance the User Experience on PACVWR Forum. The "Solved" Topic Icon!  

The "Solved" Topic Icon is one forum utility that would enable our Users to look for answers in all the right places! How??? Here is your "How" answered:

A User posts a Topic/Thread in a relevant section on the forum, for instance, in "General Air-cooled Discussion" Forum, asking a particular query, looking for the ONE answer he wants to have to solve this particular query the User has. And when OP gets it, marks the Topic as "Solved". This "Solved" Topic now becomes the answer another User is looking for. All the searching User has to do is to look for the answer he's looking for in ONLY the Topics which are marked "Solved" instead of going through every Topic that comes up in his Keywords Search. DANG!!! There he gets it, fast as a bolt!

Now, lets enable our Users to do this GOOD to all of us.

Here is how to mark a Topic as "Solved";

Being an Original Poster (OP) of a Topic, once you feel that you've the answer to your query that you were looking for, please follow following steps to mark the Topic as "Solved";

Step #1: Click the EDIT Button on top of the Original Post (Starting Post of the Topic/Thread) and a new screen will appear, just like the one you see in below:
How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? Choice10

Step #2: Please notice the highlighted "Topic Icon" choices available right below the "Edit Post" heading. The default icon for the post would be "None". Click the circle next to "SOLVED", the icon choice would shift to "Solved".

Step #3: Scroll down to the end of the Post Editor and click "Send" Button and you are done!

The browser will redirect you back to your Original Post (Topic/Thread's first post) which would now look something like the one as in below picture:
How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? Solved10

See the "Solved" Icon? Thats right, this now means that you have successfully marked the Topic/Thread as "Solved".

Now while searching forums, this is how your Topic/Thread would appear to Users:
How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? Solved11

DANG!!! Thats the one User with a query relating to Engine Overhaul was looking for and he gets it the moment he sets his eyes on the Forum Topics List!

Easy, isn't it? Thanks for helping others by marking your Topic/Thread "Solved", with finding their answers quickly! That is what we Air-cooled nuts are all good at, helping each other, aren't we now? Smile

Hope this helps you to help others.

Happy VDubbing!

Admin - PACVWR Forum

How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why? Pacvwr14
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How to Mark a Topic/Thread Solved and Why?

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